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Survival Water

Water is one of the key essentials to your survival. You must have water (or some other similarly safe drinkable liquid) in order for you and your family to survive.  At a minimum, you will need 1/2 gallon of water for each person per day, and it is recommended that each person drink at least 1 gallon of water per day.

Water is used for many other purposes too.  For example: Used in cooking in the preparation of food, used in bathing, poured on a rag which is then used to cool a person’s body off, or used to help clean out a person’s wound.

However, the really big down side of water is that it is (like almost all liquids) very heavy.  Because it is heavy, it will be difficult to transport too much water around with you in a survival situation if you are on the move.  Consequently, in planning for you and your family’s survival in a disaster or crisis situation, it is important for you to include not only containers of water but also water purification devices (e.g., water purification tablets and water filters).

Compared to water, water purification devices are very light in weight.  In addition, even if you are able to stay in your home, it is quite possible that the water supply will be interrupted or tainted, and unless you have and use some sort of water purification process the tainted water that comes into your house will be undrinkable.

To assist you in selecting which water packets/pouches, water purification tablets, and water filters that you want to store in advance, we have conducted a review of many of the available products and are providing you with our recommendations below:

1.  For Water Packets/Pouches – CLICK HERE

2.  Water Purification Tablets – CLICK HERE

3.  Water Filters – CLICK HERE

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