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Survival Water Well Bucket

If a serious natural disaster occurs and you have your own water well, you may have a big advantage over others who rely on public water utilities to provide water to their homes.  Severe damage caused by a natural disaster to a water utility company could interrupt the provision of water to homes and businesses for days or even weeks.  However, even if you have your own water well, if your electricity goes out due to the natural disaster, then your water pump (which pumps the water out of your well and into your home) will cease to operate and you and your family could be without water for an extended period of time.

Having a Survival Water Well Bucket would give you an important and practical optionto turn to!  A Survival Water Well Bucket would allow you to manually obtain water from your water well until your electrical power is restored.    The Survival Water Well Bucket is used in the following manner.  First, you remove the electric pump and all connections to completely clear the well casing of obstructions and set them aside for re-installation once the electricity is restored.  Second, you firmly attach a rope capable of supporting 20 or more pounds of weight to the survival bucket.  The bucket weighs about 6 pounds when empty and about 15 pounds when full.  The length of the rope would need to be as long as the depth of your well plus another 15-20 feet.  Third, you manually lower the Survival Bucket (using the rope) down to your well’s water level.  (Note:  Your water well casing must be at least 4.5 inches in diameter in order for the survivalist bucket to be able to fit inside the well casing.  The dimensions of the Survivalist Water Bucket that we are recommending that you buy are 4 inches wide by 43.5 inches long.)  The bucket itself has a valve on the bottom that opens to allow your well water to fill the bucket and then automatically closes so the water cannot drain out of the bucket while it is being retrieved to the surface.  It normally takes less than a minute to fill the bucket.  Next, you manually raise the bucket to the surface by pulling in the rope.  Then pour the water from the bucket into another container (e.g., a pitcher or large pan) for you and your family to use.  The process is a strictly manual process but the water you obtain is the same water that is normally pumped into your home by the electrical pump, the bucket provides about 1.5 gallons of water each time, and the process works.  If you have your own water well, you should seriously consider obtaining one or two of these buckets so you will have an option to turn to if you electricity is turned off for an extended period of time.  If you have ever been without water for a few days, you already know how much we depend on water.

There are other survival water well buckets available on the market but after considering both quality and price (some sell for over $125 each), we recommend that you purchase the Survivalist Well Bucket.  The Survivalist Well Bucket presently sells for about $50  per bucket plus the cost of shipping it to your location.  For additional information or to place an order for the Survivalist Well Bucket, please send an email to jimbobgaston@hotmail.com or call 229.944.0296.

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