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Survival and Disaster Information

Links to interesting articles in other publications on natural disasters, survival preparedness,  and other survival related topics.

1. Popular Mechanics Quiz: Are You Ready for Disaster?

2. Popular MechanicsHow Self Reliance Can Get You Through Any Disaster

3. Media News Discovery Channel’s New Adventure Series ‘Dual Survival’

4. Hot Springs StarInstruction on ‘The Art and Science of Wilderness Survival’

5. Outdoor Life Survival Skills: Trap Your Food With Homemade Snares

6. OregonLive.comTwo Silverton Men Test Survival Skills In Woods; Rescued Near Scotts Mills

7. NPRThe Key To Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors

8. The TelegraphTop Five Survival Stories

9. Sys-Con MediaMost Americans Think Devastating Natural Disasters Are Increasing

10.NPRHeat: The “Most Dangerous Natural Disaster”

11.Channel CanadaFind Shelter, Find Food, Find Help with DUAL SURVIVAL, on Discovery World HD August 17

12.AdelaideNowBunker Down Wuth A Survival Shelter

13.SunSentinel.comHurricane Preparation And Survival Tips

14.International Business TimesSevere Solar Storms Could Disrupt Earth This Decade: NOAA

15.MailOnlineGuns, Gas Masks, and War Bunkers: The Families Who Live In Fear Of The Apocalypse

16.National Geographic Environment Video: Natural Disasters

17.ABCNewsHurricane Irene: 7 Things To Protect Yourself

18.PerryHallPatchCan Our Pets Predict Natural Disasters?

19.SFExaminer.comAmericans Still Unprepared For Threat Of Natural Disaster, Terror

20.American Medical NewsMore Research On Emotional Impact Of Disasters Could Help Treatment

21.YourConroeNews.com –  Drought Dampens Hopes Of Wildlife Survival

22.CNNTravelHow To Survive A Shipwreck

23.Bangkok PostCome Hell Or High Water: Flood Survival Guide

24.GrandForksHerald.comGuide To Winter Survival Kits

25.TheWeatherChannel Snowmobiling Survival Tips

26.CBS St LouisSurvival Shop Reports Jump In Sales To People Preparing For “Possible Collapse”

27.ABC NewsHow To Survive If Your Car Gets Stuck In Snow

28.MyFOXPhoenix.comSurvival Expert: Stay Put If You Get Stranded

29.HealthNewsDigest.comTips On How To Survive A Disaster

30.Voice Of AmericaSpecial Reports: Natural Disasters

31.RadioTimes Hugh’s Three Hungry Boys Reveal How To Live Off The Land

32.ReutersSubculture Of Americans Prepares For Civilization’s Collapse

33.ScienceFiction.com How Probable Is A Zombie Virus Outbreak?

34.Outdoor Life –  Survival Skills: How To Cook In A Steam Pit

35.Truth Dive Human Cognitive Performance Declines After Natural Disasters

36.Huffington PostPeter Skyllberg, Swedish Man Survives Two Months In A Snow-Covered Car

37.Brisbane times.com.auSurvival Against All Odds

38.MotherNatureNetworkSafety Tips For Tornadoes

39.The Vancouver SunVideo: Top 10 Infamous Natural Disasters Of The Last 100 Years

40.Yahoo NewsStranded Man Survives 10 Days On Snow; Friend Dies

41.ABC NewsTornado Survival 101: How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

42.Yahoo NewsNext Great Depression?  MIT Researchers Predict ‘Global Economic Collapse’ By 2030

43.Outdoor Life Survival Survival Gear: 10 Essential First Aid Kit Items

44.10TV.comMaine Hiker Survives 4 Days In Utah Wilderness

45.TCPalmNow’s The Time To Formulate Your Hurricane Survival Plan

46.The Gainesville SunStorm Survival 101: Stock Up On Your Supplies

47.Earth Changes and the Pole ShiftsHomemade Survival Gear: How To Make Water Proof Fire Tinder

48.InverGroveHeightsPatch.comBBB Advice On Dealing With The Aftermath Of Disasters

49.LoanSafe.orgFEMA Reports On Federal Aid Programs Made Available In Light Of Federal Disasters In Florida

50.TorontoSunAutistic Man Ate Roots And Frogs To Survive Weeks In Utah Desert

51.PRWebHome Fire Survival Guide By Rainbow International

52.The LighthouseDo You And Your Family Know What To Do If Disaster Strikes?

53.FoxNews.comWhat Food Is Safe During A Power Outage?

54.TheWashingtonPostSurvival Tips: What To Do When Power Outages Are Likely, Or After The Lights Go Out

55.OutdoorLifeSurvivalSurvival Skils: 5 Fall Edible Plants You Must Know About

56.RapidCityJournalTeen Learns Hard Lesson From Hunting Mishap

57.Survival.OutdoorLife.comHow To Make A Char Cloth

58.Health.Yahoo.NetAspirin: The 2000-Year-Old Wonder Drug

59.Leader-Post Scouts Canada’s Winter Survival Tips

60.Borneo PostThe Blowpipe – A Legacy Of Art And Survival


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Links to interesting articles on natural disasters, survival preparedness, and other survival related topics.
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