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Semi Permanent Structure or Temporary Building

Just in case things really get bad – – – if you have a secluded piece of property (away from town) with no house on it, you might want to consider putting a semi permanent structure or temporary building on it.  (I did this with a Rubbermaid Big Max shed that I have, and it has worked out very well – – – giving me a place to store camping equipment and gear and also a backup shelter to use in case of an emergency.)  Some people also refer to these as temporary structures, portable buildings, or portable structures.

These structures are not overly expensive, and most are easy to put together with the help of a friend.   A semi permanent structure or shelter is certainly easier to live in than a tent over a long period of time and can also be used to store your survival supplies.  I am providing below my recommendation to help you in choosing a semi permanent structure or shelter.

Lifetime 6405 8′ X 10′ Outdoor Storage Shed

This 8 foot by 10 foot outdoor storage shed has two steel-reinforced lockable doors, a shatter proof window, shelving, and 4 skylights.  The shed has a high density polyethylene floor, and provides 71.3 square feet of space.  It also has a steep roof (ceiling height at top of arch is 6’8″) which facilitates runoff of rain and snow.  Its Amazon customer satisfaction rating if 4.2 out of 5stars.


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