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Pocket or Hand Chain Saws

Sometimes it makes more sense to cut something with a Hand or Pocket Chain Saw than with a knife, hatchet, or axe.  Hand or pocket chain saws are light, compact, and very easy to use, and consequently a perfect tool for you to carry in your backpack.  Provided below are hand/pocket saws that I recommend, with my top choice shown asHighly Recommended“.


Chainmate 24-Inch Survival Pocket Chain Saw With Pouch


Highly Recommended: This is an excellent pocket chain saw with carbon steel cutting teeth.  It comes with a pouch (with belt loop) to store the saw in.





Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Saw (Black)


This is a good quality 24 inch pocket saw.  The bi-directional saw teeth can be re-sharpened, and the saw has large handles.  It comes with a pouch for storing the saw.




SE Portable  Hand Flexible Chain Saw Chrome-Steel 13″ Blade

This is a good hand chain saw.  It comes with two metal handles and there are 2 13 1/2 chrome blades.

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