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Links to survival stories  and relevant current events.

1. The Guardian – Mayan Apocalypse Looms Large In The Week Ahead

2. Hufington Post – Mayan Prophesy 2012 Sparks Dread And Celebration Worldwide

3. Gamut News – Residents Relying More on Social Media, Texting in Natural Disasters

4. San Francisco Chronicle – Field Poll: Californians Increasingly Fear Quakes

5. Oil Leader News – Preparation: Long Term Survival Supplies For Your Home

6. U.S. News and Panelist – What Natural Disasters Do Americans Worry About?

7. Caller.com – South Texas Amateur Radio Club Prepares For National Field Day

8. PressTV – Three US Nuclear Facilities Threatened By Natural Disasters

9. English.news.cn – Natural Disasters Kill 279 People in June

10.Salisburypost.com – Training Efforts Try To Limit Potential Damage If Disaster Hits

11.The Economic Times – Now, A Weather: “Google”

11.Yahoo News – Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Awaits Earth’s End

12.YumaSun.com – Natural Disasters Real Danger For Nuclear Facilities

13.ClarionLedger.com – Addiction To Comfort Foods Linked To Survival Instincts

14.Courant.com – Natural Disasters Are More Frequent, Research Shows

15.Empowered News – Food For Survival Triggers Upswing In Home Gardening

16.The National – Desert Survival: Plants That Heal

17.Scoop Health – Psychological Impact of Natural Disasters

18.e-Wisdom.com – Just Over Half Of Americans Say They Are Prepared For Disasters

19.TVNZ News – Survival Couple May Never Tramp In Winter Again

20.GeekWithLaptop – Learn How Not To Die With The SAS Survival Guide App

21.LiveScience – End Times?  Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red

22.OregonLive.com – Portland Couple’s Spat Turns A Hike Into A Test Of Survival

23.TheNational – Desert Camping Survival Tips Revealed

24.Space.com – Sun Unleashes Largest Solar Flare In Years

25.ABCNews – Apocalypse Prep: Put On You Gas Masks, Kids!

26.FoxNews.com – Earthquake Proves NYC Is Not Prepared For Natural Disasters

27.FoxNews.com – Talking To Your Kids About Natural Disasters

28.NYDailyNews.com – New Yorkers Snatch Up Survival Staples

29.YNetNews.com – IDF General: Likelihood Of Regional War Growing

30.CBSLosAngeles – LA Porn Studio Begins Construction On ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Underground Bunker

31.KeighleyNews – Survival Expert’s Wild Food Sessions

32.Gamedot – I Am Alive

33.Pennlive.com – Wilderness Medicine Conference Prepares Doctors For Emergencies

34.Bizcommunity – Discovery Networks Unveils 2011/2012 Programming

35.BrookingsInstitution – Natural Disaster Recovery in Urban Areas

36.SanFranciscoChronicle – What’s Your Home’s Natural Disaster Risk?

37.LifeScienceNews – How Long Can A Person Survive Under Earthquake Debris?

38.HuffPost – Asteriod 2005 YU55 To Narrowly Miss Earth

39.Oklahoma’sOwnNews9.com – 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma

40.YahooNews – Big Quake Follows Increase in Oklahoma Rumblings

41.Oklahoma’sOwnNews9.com – 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma

42.Wired.com –  Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In The Middle of The Desert?

43.MailOnline – New Radiation Treatment Allows Workers To Survive Fatal Dose – Even AFTER They Have Been Exposed

44.SunSentinel.com – German Expert Says Decoding Of Mexico Glyphs Rules Out 2012 Apocalypse; Says It Means New Era

45.C21Media – Discovery Plans Brazil Survival Mission

46.AP.org – Mexico Mayan  Region Launches Apocalypse Countdown

47.HuffingtonPost.com – Mexico Launches 2012 Mayan Apocalypse

48.The Telegraph – Americans Buy Record Number Of Guns for Christmas

49.ABC Yahoo News – Mayan Calendar Predicts Doomsday In 2012.  Or Not

50.MSNBC.com – ‘Doomsday Clock’ Moved Closer To Midnight

51.NIUToday – Public Safety Officials Offer Common Sense Tips To Improve Survival In Extreme Winter Weather

52.Huffington Post – Solar Storm Now Hitting Earth, Called Strongest Since 2005, Could Affect Astronauts

53.The Daily Texan – “The Grey” is more than a violent survival film

54.Yahoo News – Snowy Owls Soar South From Arctic In Rare Mass Migration

55.FoxNews.com – Alabama Most Tornado-Prone State In 2011

56.Farmers Weekly – Bee Survival Crucial To Food Supply

57.San Francisco Chronicle – Using Raccoon, Beaver, Muskrat For Survival Are Covered In The Latest Absolute Rights Article

58.Huffington Post – Beef Prices Hit Record Highs Amid ‘Perfect Storm’ of Drought, Foreign Demand

59.CBS5AZ.com – Doomsday ‘Prepper’ Gears Up For A Catastrophe

60.Denver Post – Lewis: Want To Survive 2012?  Be A ‘Prepper’

61.Wall Street Journal – Want To Survive 2012?  Better Get Prepared Now

62.Politico – Debt Doomsday May Come Sooner Than Expected

63.Trib.com – Wyoming House Advances Doomsday Bill

64.rt.com – Blast It Or Paint It: Asteroid To Threaten Earth In 2013

65.news.yahoo.com – Solar Storm Headed Toward Earth May Disrupt Power

66.Yahoo News Canada – Space Storms Packs Late Punch, Biggest Since ’04

67.The Independent – Hippies Head For Noah’s Ark: Queue Here For Rescue Aboard Alien Spaceship

68.Yahoo News – Pic De Bugarach: French Commune Home To 20,000 ‘Doomsday Cultists’ Awaiting Alien Salvation

69.Yahoo News – Gun Sales Booming: Doomsday, Obama, Or Zombies?

70.NBC Chicago – Cold War Missile Silo Becomes Doomsday Ready Luxury Homes

71.SanFrancisco Chronicle – “Learning Survival Skills Should Include Negotiation” Says AbsoluteRights.com

72.IndyStar.com – Haven After The Storm: New Orleans Prototype Seen As Quick Housing Following Disasters

73.Reuters – One In Seven Thinks End Of  World Is Coming: Poll

74.Los Angeles Times – Space Weather Expert Has Ominous Prediction

75.BBC News – Mayan Art And Calendar At Xultun Stun Archaelogists

76.The Daily Courier – Rabid Mountain Lion In Attack Mode No Match For Chino Valley Man And His Frying Pan

77.CBC News Saskatchewan – New Anti-Disaster Agency To Be Established in Regina

78.The Guardian Express – Doomsday 2012: Natural Disasters On A Grand Scale

79.MailOnline – “Britain’s Atlantis” Found At Bottom Of North Sea

80.MailOnline – Are We Safe From The Sun?  Solar Flares Keep On Getting Stronger

81.Washington Post – Giant Sunspot Shoots Out Intense, X-Class Solar Flare

82.Associated Press – India Power Outage

83.Christian Science Monitor – Checklist For Disaster First-Responders: Food, Blankets – – and  WiFi

84.Bangor Daily News – Survivalist Congressman is Ready For Doomsday

85.ABC News – The Disasters (Scams) After The Disaster

86.Examiner.com – Geohazard Expert: Prepare For Arkansas Quake, Pipelines At Risk

87.HuffingtonPost.com – Zombie Apocalypse: “The Zombies Are Coming,” Homeland Security Warns

88.HuffingtonPost.com – Arctic Ice Melt Could Mean More Extreme Winters For U.S. And Europe

89.WashingtonPost.com – Guatemala Volcano Erupts Outside Tourist Center

90.Mother Nature Network – Bear Grylls To Host New NBC Survival Reality Series

91.AssociatedPress – ‘Frankenstorm’ Predicted To Slam East Coast

92.AssociatedPress – Megastorm Could Wreck Havoc Across 800 Miles Of US

93.FederalNewsRadio.com – Marines, Police Prep For Mock Zombie Invasion

94.HeraldOnline.com – Survival Tips After The Storm

95.4NewYork – Sandy-Starved New Yorkers Dumpster Dive

96.Space.com – Giant Sun Eruption Captured In NASA Video

97.US News And World Report – Flesh-Eating Fungal Infection Can Follow Natural Disasters, Study Finds

98.The Telegraph – Mayan Apocalypse: Panic Spreads As December 21 Nears

99.Malibu Surfside News- Survival Expert Speaks About Plant Uses At SMMRA Speaker Series

100. Alabama Severe Weather Threat: Tips For Tornado Survival

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