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First Aid Kits

A First Aid Kit can mean the difference between life and death. In a survival situation, the availability of first aid supplies is usually limited. If you are injured with a deepe cut on your hand, imagine the impact that this might have on your chances of survival. 1)You won’t be able to use your hand as effectively as before, thus limiting how much work you will be able to do. 2)Your cut can become infected, and you may come down with a life-threatening fever or even a case of gangrene. 3)Your wound may take a long time to heal, or never fully heal properly and leave you physically limited as to what you can do.

A first aid kit can make a huge difference in situations like this. Not only are First Aid Kits important for cleaning and treating wounds, but the contents of a first aid kit can be used for other purposes as well (e.g., a pair of first aid kit scissors can be used to cut rope or twine, first aid tape can be used as an adhesive.)    A First Aid Kit is extremely important to carry with you and something you can’t afford not to have.

The Complete First Aid Kit, Comes with Save-A-Tooth

Highly Recommended: The Complete First Aid Kit is a nice durable, waterproof first aid kit. It’s uniqueness comes from it’s Save-A-Tooth kit which can help save a person’s broken tooth. The customer satisfaction rating of this kit by Amazon customers is 4.9 out of 5 stars. The kit is relatively inexpensive and contains  lots of bandages, tape, antibiotic cream and other essentials. All the items are located in their own compartment so the contents do not become mixed. This kit is especially great for rugged and hot environments. Check it out!


Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Kit

A really nice feature of this kit is the first aid manual that comes with it.  The first aid manual describes how to treat various injuries and covers outdoor medicine. The actual kit bag is not as sturdy as I would like to see, but  the contents of the bag are excellent. It received a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from Amazon customers.


First Aid Kit With Hard Case, First Aid Complete Care Kit

Highly Recommended: This Complete Care Kit comes in a durable hard case and contains over 326 items. It has all the essentials needed to treat typical first aid injuries. It also includes a guide for how to administer first aid for different injuries.




First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit

Highly Recommended: This Outdoor First Aid Kit contains 205 first aid items and is extremely portable. It’s light weight and received a 4.7 customer satisfaction rating from Amazon customers. The outside bag is durable and strong.  Note:  One customer reviewer indicated that some of the inside containers did not fully seal in his kit and consequently  that it was sometimes difficult to keep the numerous items in the kit organized.

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