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Bike Trailer

In an extreme crisis situation, moving yourself (and your family) from one place to another will be very difficult. Even if you have a functioning automobile or truck and enough gas, you probably will be very limited on where you can go on any road. Roads and streets will be clogged with abandoned vehicles (due to gasoline shortages and no longer operating towing services).

If and when this happens, you will need to have a backup means of transportation available to you. Bikes, bike trailers, and handcarts will become the everyday means of transportation until things are able to return to normal. Moving your possessions with you will be especially difficult.

Until the roads and streets are able to be cleared and all the abandoned vehicles removed, the transportation you employ will need to be able to leave the road to get around road obstacles and also go “cross country” in order to navigate around streams, broken bridges, overpasses, etc to get you where you want to go. I am recommending below a trailer that is designed to be towed behind a bicycle but can also be converted into a handcart (and pulled by hand) if needed.

Croozer Designs Cargo Trunk Bicycle Trailer

The Croozer Designs Cargo Trailer consists of a sturdy steel frame and a solid plastic floor. It can be easily converted from a bicycle trailer to a handcart (so it can be pulled by hand) by adjusting the height of the trailer’s hitcharm. The dimensions of the trailer/handcart are 33 1/2″ long X 27″ wide X 22″ high. It weighs 25.1 pounds and has a weight load capacity of 66 pounds. It moves on two 16″ spoked wheels and comes with a removable weather cover. Amazon customer awarded this bicycle trailer 4.6 out of 5 stars. One customer rated it less than 3 stars.


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