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Backpacks are a great convenience item!  Like suitcases, backpacks are great for carrying things, but since you can carry them on your back, it frees up your hands for other things.   I think the best way to buy a backpack is to try it on and see how it fits and feels.  Unfortunately, some times that is not possible.  In some cases, the backpacks are boxed up and in other cases, it is inconvenient to try and get to a camping or sporting goods store to try one on.

I am recommending below four different Teton backpacks which are very popular, and all four backpacks have Amazon customer satisfaction ratings of 4.3 out of 5 stars or higher.


Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

This quality backpack has an internal frame with a holding capacity of 3,400 cubic inches (55 liters).  It comes with height adjustable shoulder straps, and the backpack weighs just 4.5 pounds when it is empty.  The backpack has a main compartment that you load from the top of the backpack, a sleeping bag compartment, and two zippered side pockets.  It also has dual aluminum stays with contoured shoulder, lumbar, and waist pads for added comfort and support.




Teton Sports 5200 Internal Frame Backpack

This is another high quality Teton backpack with an internal frame.  It also has the same features as the Teton Scout 3400 but greater storage capacity.  The 5200 backpack has a capacity of 5,187 cubic inches (85 liters) so it gives you plenty of packing room.  It weighs 5.5 pounds when empty, and backpack comes with an attached rainfly.




Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack (Mecca Orange)

This is the same backpack as the first backpack shown above but in a different color (mecca orange).  The backpack is 17″ wide by 33″ high by 12″ deep.





Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 has an internal frame, a 4,000 cubic inch capacity (65 liters), and weighs 5 pounds when empty.  It has side zippered pockets, mesh pockets, and a top-zippered pocket.  This backpack has adjustable shoulder and torso straps, and it comes with an attached rain fly as well.

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