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Tips When Using The Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter

As soon as you open the box and pull out the Katadyn Pocket Microfilter, you know you have a high quality product.  There is nothing cheap and shoddy about this water filter.  It is extremely well-made and highly functional.  I doubt if you can find a better water filter for camping, hiking, or survival anywhere.

When using your Katadyn Pocket Microfilter, here are a few tips that may help.

1.  Before you use your new pump the first time, flush it out by pumping about half a liter of water through the pump.  Doing this will remove any ceramic dust that may be in the pump.

2.  When using this Katadyn water filter to obtain water from a stream, lake, or pond, try and locate a flat stone, rock, or  piece of wood before you start.  Place the rock/stone/piece of wood on the ground next to the edge of the stream/lake/pond/etc and then put the base of your Katadyn water filter on the flat surface.  Then put the inlet hose with weight and strainer in the water and put the pump’s outlet hose in your water bottle or other container that you are using to collect your drinkable water.  By placing the base of the pump on a flat surface, you will make your pumping easier and also keep your filter from getting muddy/dirty at the same time.

3.  Included with the Katadyn water filter is a tube of Silicone lubricant.  This lubricant in several ways.  You can use a drop of this Silicone lubricant on the strainer’s barb to make attaching the outlet hose to the strainer’s barb easier.  Additionally, you can lubricate the pump handle’s o-ring and thread to help keep the pump working smoothly.  Also, when changing out a “used up” ceramic cartridge on the pump and installing a new ceramic cartridge, you can apply a drop of the Silicone lubricant to the thread of the pump’s base before you tighten the base to the pump’s housing to allow it to go on more smoothly.

4.  If you have had your Katadyn Pocket Microfilter in storage  for awhile, be sure and flush out the pump’s system by pumping about a liter of water through the pump.  This will remove any stale tasting water from the pump.

5.  If the filter pores on the ceramic cartridge become clogged, use one of the two cleaning pads that are supplied with the Katadyn water filter to brush off the ceramic cartridge.  The ceramic cartridge will be clean when its surface color returns to its original light brownish tan shade.

6.  You can help keep the pump’s pre-filter (i.e., strainer) clean by wrapping it in a handkerchief, bandana, coffee filter, or paint filter before putting it in your water source.  Periodically remove the handkerchief/bandana/coffee filter/paint filter and rinse it off to remove any sediment/particles that have collected on it and then reinstall it.

7.  When operating the pump, keep the strainer on the end of the inlet hose under the surface level of the water source but also away from the bottom where there is usually more sediment.  The black float that comes with the Katadyn water filter and attaches to the inlet hose will help you do this.

8.  Be sure and put the bottle clip on the end of your outlet hose and use it to keep the outlet hose in your water bottle/water collection container.

9.  Periodically remove the ceramic cartridge from the pump and examine it to see if it has any cracks.  Dropping your pump or freezing temperatures may cause the ceramic to crack.  If the ceramic cartridge is cracked, it is no longer able to remove microorganisms from the water, and the cartridge needs to be replaced.

10. Using a Katadyn Active Carbon Bottle Adapter (costs about $20) along with the Katadyn Pocket Microfilter, will help remove chemicals and bad taste from the water.  You can periodically replace the activated carbon in the Carbon Bottle Adapter to keep the water tasting fresh.

I hope these tips on the Katadyn Pocket Microfilter water filter will be helpful to you!

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