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Survival Book: Survival Wisdom & Know-How

The title of this book says it all!  This 480 page book is just loaded with camping and survival wisdom and information – – – quite a bit of which you just don’t find in other survival books.

Examples:  Want to know about edible and non-edible mushrooms, including the deadly “Destroying Angel” mushroom – Amanita virosa, this book has it.  Want to know how to improvise snowshoes , this book tells you how.   Want to know how to treat a spinal cord injury, or a person who has a flail chest, or an injury to a person’s lungs, this book covers them.  Want information on what plants can be used to treat burns, diarrhea, itching, stings, dysentery, etc, this book can tell you.  Want to learn about the sounds of common night insects, learn how to use an ice ax, learn how to execute the C-to-C roll in a kayak, or learn about high-altitude illnesses,  this book can tell you.  And these are just a few examples of the varied information on a wide variety of topics that you will find in this book!

Look at the bibliography of this book, and it is easy to see where the variety of information comes from.  The information contained in this book is a compilation of information from numerous camping and survival books (written by knowledgeable authors and published by Stackpole Books), U.S. Army Field Manuals, and other U.S. Government Publications.  All excellent resources!  The book is made up of 13 different chapters, starting with a chapter on “Animals and Insects” and ending with a “Miscellaneous” chapter on things like ways to improve your night vision, bone-collecting, improvising cordage, making glues and soaps, etc.

As you can tell, this book gets into a lot of different areas and contains a lot of information on  topics that are just not routinely covered in other camping and survival books.   And that is why you need to add this book to your “personal survival library”, despite its two drawbacks.  One is that although it has numerous pictures and drawings, they are not in color but only in “black and white” (being in color is not essential but it would make it better, and the second is that it measures 10.5 inches X 13.5 inches  X 1 inch – – – not an easy size to carry around in your backpack but not an inconvenient sized book to keep in a bookcase in your house.

I strongly recommend that you add “Survival Wisdom & Know-How” to your survival library!

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