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Additional Tips On Using The Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove

Here are a few more tips on using a Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove!

First, when setting up your Coleman stove, use liquid soap (e.g., Ivory, Dawn) and water to check your stove’s propane connections and fittings for possible leaks.  If you see any bubbles, make sure the connection is not cross-threaded and also that the connection is hand-tight – – –  usually a little more hand-tightening is all that is neededs.  However, if the connection is not cross-threaded and the connection is hand-tight and the connection continues to produce bubbles, don’t use the stove.  Contact the customer service at Coleman (1-800-835-3278 or TDD 1-316-832-87070) for service/repair.  (Note: If your Coleman stove was purchased in Canada, call 1-800-387-6161.)

Second, you don’t have to use the stove’s wind shield or adjustable wind guards – just lay it down flat on the ground/table at the rear of the stove.  Not doing so gives you access to the stove’s two burners from all directions.  However, it’s usually better to us the stove’s wind protectors, because the shield/guards do provide the burners with protection from the wind and also help channel the heat from the burners toward/around your pot or pan.

Third, using long (e.g., 7 inch) matches makes lighting the burners easier.  I have offered this tip before in a previous article but it is a tip worth repeating!

Fourth, after using the stove, be sure and clean the grease and grime (if any) from the stove with a damp cloth and liquid detergent.  Do not use an abrasive as you may scratch the metal surface!  Cleaning the stove after each use will prevent any sort of “build up” and possible grease fire from occurring.

Fifth, for storing and transporting purposes, you can keep the stove’s “regulator assembly” inside the stove cover below the pot support (grate).  The regulator is the metal part that you screw into the stove on one end and then screw the propane cylinder on to at the other end.

Sixth, never operate the stove with the top of the cylinder pointed toward the ground (downwards).  The top of the propane cylinder should always be pointing upwards after it has been attached to the stove’s regulator.  (NOTE: Never store your propane cylinders for the store in direct sunlight or where temperatures could exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius).)

Seventh, and IMPORTANT, this Coleman stove is designed for outdoor use.  Never use the stove inside your house, tent, trailer, or in an unventilated space.  The stove produces carbon monoxide which has no odor.

Eighth, once you have lit a burner on the stove, adjust the burner’s flame with the burner valve until the flame is blue with a hint of yellow on the tips of the flames.

Ninth, be sure and save the plastic protective cap that comes on the propane cylinder’s connection so you can put it back on the propane cylinder’s connection when you are through camping, dismantling the stove, and storing away the partially full cylinder for your next camping trip.

Tenth, never leave the stove unattended if there are kids around.  A child may not even realize a burner has been lit until it is too late!

The Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove is a really practical and easy-to-use stove for camping, plus it can also serve as a great emergency cooking backup at your own home or apartment if your electricity/gas goes out.  I hope these additional tips are helpful and that you have a great time using your Coleman stove!

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