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Holiday Gifts For A Survivalist

If you are trying to decide on a gift for someone you know who is also a survivalist (i.e., the person believes in being prepared for natural disasters and other calamities), here are a few tips that may help you in selecting that “perfect” gift.

Of course, the easiest way to know which gift to select is if the person himself/herself has dropped hints about wanting something in particular.  However, unfortunately, that is usually not the case.  The next easiest way is to just ask the person what they would really like to have.  Most survivalists I know will not be shy about telling you what they would like to get but knowing in advance what gift you will be getting does take some of the fun and surprise out of the gift giving/opening process.

A survivalist usually already has many of the items you would find on most survival supply checklists (e.g., knife, sleeping bag, firestarter, compass).  And some gifts are so much a matter of personal preference (for example with knives or with survival food) that unless the survivalist has specifically mentioned that he/she would like to have such and such an item made by such and such a manufacturer, it is better to stay away from those personal choice items.  So what do you do?

It’s actually pretty simple.  There are three ways you can go.  First, select a survival gift that you know the survivalist does not already have (e.g., maybe a portable generator, a water filter, a global positioning system (GPS) device, an emergency radio, or even a semi-permanent shelter).  Second, select a gift that upgrades an item that the survivalist already has (e.g., a better firestarter, or sleeping bag).  Third, select a gift that replaces a survival gear item that the survivalist has but which you know has been broken and needs to be replaced (e.g., maybe the survivalist’s compass is broken, or maybe the survivalist’s tent has become ripped and needs to be replaced).   (Personally, I like to receive gifts that I have never had before – – – usually because they are a little more expensive and I couldn’t justify to myself buying them – – – because it gives me a chance to try out something new.)

If you don’t already know what survival gear or survival supply item you want to get, just take a look at one or more survival supplies checklists.  Most of these checklists are very similar and include essential survival items.  At the end of this article, I am including a link to the survival supplies checklist that we recommend on our website.

One other really nice thing about giving survival gear and survival supply items as gifts is that they can match anybody’s gift giving budget.  They range from very inexpensive items to more costly ones.  The important thing is to select a high quality item whether it is a little more expensive or not.  You can usually determine the quality of a particular survival item by looking at the customer satisfaction rating for the item.

I hope these survival gear gift giving tips have been helpful to you!   To see the survival supplies checklist that we recommend, just click here.

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